Imrestor - a new way to reduce immune suppression and help protect her potential

[+] What is Imrestor?

A revolutionary new approach for cows in the transition period, Imrestor helps reduce immune suppression and protect her potential.

During The Vital 90 Days, the function of neutrophils decreases, typically by 25% up to 40%1, leaving cows with an increased risk of infection and making them especially vulnerable to transition diseases such as mastitis, metritis and retained placenta.

When cows suffer a dip in immunity around calving, Imrestor assists the natural immune system by restoring the function and increasing the number of neutrophils. Restoring her natural immunity helps her to fight off potential infections (with no milk withhold) allowing her to fulfil her potential.
Restoration of the immune system helps prevent transition disease such as mastitis and reduces the cost, the hassle and the frustration of dealing with sick animals.

[+] How does Imrestor work?

Imrestor is a form of the naturally occurring protein cytokine, bovine Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (bG-CSF)

Cytokines help regulate the intensity and duration of immune responses by:

  • stimulating neutrophil production from the bone marrow
  • enhancing the ability of neutrophils to fight harmful microorganisms and prevent  them from replicating

Imrestor restores the function and increases the number of neutrophils at calving

Imrestor reduces early lactation clinical mastitis

Imrestor targets a broad range of common mastitis pathogens

  • Imrestor is a new way of approaching immune suppression. It is not an antibiotic, vaccine or hormone - instead it helps restore a cows own immune system rather than targeting specific mastitis pathogens.
  • This means it is effective in helping fight a broad range of common mastitis pathogens.

Imrestor reduces the incidence of clinical mastitis around calving

  • Even with good on-farm management practices, Imrestor has been proven
    to have benefits

Imrestor may help to reduce antibiotic usage

As concerns about antibiotic resistance rise, vets are under increasing pressure to help reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock.
This can be challenging in dairy herds, especially around dry-off and calving as cows are challenged by a wide range of pathogens while their defences are low.

Prevention is better than cure

Because Imrestor helps to restore a cow's own natural immunity, rather than targeting specific pathogens, it is effective in helping fight a broad range of common mastitis pathogens. This can help reduce the incidence of mastitis before it occurs, decreasing reliance on antibiotics.5

Widespread benefits

As well as reducing labour required for administering treatments and moving cows out of the production system, preventing mastitis during the critical period also minimises time spent recording disease and treatment data as well as reducing the amount of  discarded milk.

Enhancing cow well-being

Research has demonstrated that the occurrence of mastitis in one lactation results in a fourfold increase in the chance of mastitis in subsequent lactations6

[+] Clinical trials

Effective in reducing the incidence of clinical mastitis around calving

  • In clinical trials, Imrestor significantly reduced the number of clinical mastitis cases  in early lactation by 26%3
  • The benefits of Imrestor were in addition to the existing good management practices already in place at each trial site
  • Nearly all trial sites already used dry cow treatments



Imrestor safety

In efficacy studies, Imrestor showed no changes in any of the following, when used according to label directions.3

  • Somatic cell count
    Imrestor did not increase somatic cell count in clinical trials
  • Milk Components
    Fat, protein, lactose, solids
  • Calf Health
    Colostrum, enteric and respiratory disease



[+] How to use Imrestor

Injection #1 - given 7 days before calving (approximately)

Injection #2 - given within 24 hours after calving

Subcutaneous injection

  • Available in 10-count packs - enough to treat 5 cows
  • Do not freeze Imrestor
  • Each dose of Imrestor is presented in a pre-filled 3-mL plastic syringe with attached 18- Gauge 3/4 inch needle; each syringe contains 2.7 mL


Restore the function of a cow's immune system when immune suppression leaves her vulnerable to infection

Reduce the incidence of clinical mastitis around calving
Protect her potential and the well-being of the entire herd, minimise the frustration of treating difficult cases

[+] Find out how Imrestor can help your herd

Now there's a way to help restore the integrity of a cow's immune system around calving

  • Immune suppression leaves cows vulnerable to many post-partum diseases
  • Imrestor restores immune function by restoring the function and increasing the number of neutrophils
  • Restoration of the immune system helps prevent transition disease such as mastitis and therefore reduces the cost, the hassle and the frustration of dealing with sick cows

To find out more about how Imrestor could help to protect the dairy herds, please leave your details and you'll be contacted by an Elanco representative.

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Imrestor is an aid in a herd management programme, to reduce the risk of clinical mastitis in periparturient dairy cows and heifers during the 30 days following calving.

Use medicines responsibly.

Always seek advice on the correct use of this or alternative medicines from the medicine prescriber.

In the UK Imrestor POM-V and In Ireland POM contains pegbovigrastim. For side effects, precautions, warnings and contra indications refer to product packaging and leaflets. For further information see Summary of Product Characteristics For further information contact Elanco Animal Health, Priestley Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 9NL Tel: (01256 353131) Imrestor, Elanco, Vital 90 and the diagonal bar are trademarks owned or licensed by Eli Lilly and Company, its subsidiaries or affiliates. © 2016 Elanco Animal Health